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Elementary:    Ten Mile Lake School Dist.# 1456

High School:    Fergus Falls

College:   Fergus Falls Community College

St. Cloud State University

                                 Teacher's Training College for 1 year in Hertford , England

      Ever since I was a small I child I loved to play 'school"  and I was always the teacher.  Some things are just your destiny.  Then when I was 13 I remember saying   "I want to be a teacher and travel with students in the summer".  It didn't hit me that that was the "for sure thing" again until I was in my second year of college.  Then it dawned on me,  I knew...teaching was what I was meant to do.

     After teaching for over 30 years, and travelling to over 20 countries, I realized me dream.  I chose a profession which never gets boring.   And to teach art!  The best! (At least for me.) 

In  art we explore not only hands on studio work in many mediums (from paint to clay and more), but also history, art from different cultures and places and art appreciation of our own creations and of the world around us.  Let's learn and create and grow together in the world of ART!    Welcome





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