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TriConf 2017 - My Takeaways

posted Oct 18, 2017, 1:04 PM by Diana Salda–a
It's been a week or so since I came back from Costa Rica where I attended the 36th Annual Educators' Conference. I had the opportunity to listen to inspiring keynotes, participate in a pre-conference session led by the legendary Michael Fullan, attend a number of concurrent sessions, and also present my own session that focused on facilitating virtual field trips.

Great personalities delivered the keynotes: Michael FullanAllison Zmuda and Heidi Hayes Jacob, and Douglas Fisher. However, throughout the conference I felt I was hearing the same things over and over. In a good way I mean! So, using the notes I took from all of these sessions, I created this word cloud using Wordle. This way I could quickly see what were the main ideas discussed throughout the event.

This is the word cloud based on my tweets during the event:

Taking the top words that appeared in the word clouds, I related them to each of the sessions or keynotes that I attended or presented. This is the resulting web. (Actually, I think everything connects to everything.)

My main takeaway from the conference is learning about the importance of establishing solid relationships between teachers and students, before embarking on any new initiative, in order to make the most impact on student learning.

To learn more about the conference, follow the hashtag #TriConf17 on Twitter.