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The 3rd Annual EdTechTeam Victoria Summit Featuring Google for Education by Barbara Brunell

posted Jan 12, 2018, 10:59 AM by Diana Salda–a
The first thing I noticed when I arrived to Victoria was even though there was cold weather the warmth of their people made me feel welcomed. The Google Summit launched with a keynote by Jesse Lubinsky who talked about students being heroes in disguise without even realizing it. The most meaningful part for me was listening to his first hand stories on empowering students by working on their passion projects.

I dedicated the rest of the day to learn more about the power of inquiry, essential questions and project based learning. I reinforced the importance of having genuine interest in the students. They will give their best effort when working on things they are devoted to. I reflected on my own classroom and my student’s drive on what they want to learn and how can I translate their questions into knowledge, how can they take the lead on their own learning.  

On the second and last day of the summit I attended sessions that were focused on Google Apps and their benefits in and out the classroom.  Jeffery Heil talked about how Google Earth can support the classroom learning. As soon as I came back to ASFM I talked to my colleagues about the app and we used it to explore Africa and its animals for our wild animals unit. Students were amazed to travel that far away without leaving the classroom. Some other apps that I learned how to use more efficiently in education are: Google Keep, Quick, Draw!, Google Arts & Culture, Google Expeditions, Google Trends, among others.

My biggest takeaway of this experience was realizing that we are in this profession to build a better tomorrow. Technology can be a great tool when listening to student voices, honoring their needs and widening their spectrum come all together to provide meaningful learning situations.