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New Teacher Welcome 2017-18

posted Jul 25, 2017, 2:17 PM by Brian Hamm

Welcome to ASFM,

We at the Tech Integration Department have compiled a collection of essential links, policies, and tools to help ease your transition into Blended Learning at ASFM of which this is our third year of transition to.We completely understand that getting settled in takes time and that you may be feeling overwhelmed by all that is being thrown at you at this time. Please do not feel pressured at all, you are new all year. We compiled these resources for when you are ready, please feel free to drop by your Tech Integration Office anytime when you need a helping hand.

ASFM Circle of Tools

Hyperlinked Tool


Accompanying resource/notes

Atlas Rubicon

N-12 Curriculum Documentation

Logging onto Atlas

Power Learning

N-12 Learning Management System (Blended Learning Platform)

ASFM Blended Learning Expectations

How to Use PowerLearning for Teachers (Resource)

ASFM Blended Learning Online Course (Resource)

Google Suite for Education

Productivity and creation tools

Google Mail

Google Drive


ASFM School-wide e-portfolio  and resources for teacher learning

Follow #ASFMLearns on Twitter for updates

Digital Teachers

Blended Learning support

Digital teachers are a great go to for help

Live Curious, Go Beyond 2018

Our Annual Tech and Innovation Conference Feb 16-17, 2018

Please add this date to your calendar

We are in the third year of Blended Learning at ASFM with the expectation that all units in all courses being Blended at this time. That being said, we understand that as new teachers you arrive with a variety understandings and experiences of what Blended Learning is and therefore invite you to take this year to explore what Blended Learning means for you at ASFM throughout this year. Again, you are new all year.

Your Tech Integration Team,