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My Takeaways from Live Curious, Go Beyond 2017

posted Mar 9, 2017, 7:40 PM by Diana Salda–a   [ updated Mar 9, 2017, 7:44 PM ]
Hi all! During the most recent edition of Live Curious, Go Beyond, I was fortunate to attend 4 different sessions. With so many sessions of such high quality, the choices were difficult to make.

Gotta Catch All Students Through Pokemon Go
I was especially looking forward to attending this session. Some time ago, a Kinder teacher had expressed concern with the Pokemon craze and wanted to find an activity to focus their attention on the educational aspect of it. In this session, Ms. Rachel Lanquist, from the American School of Guadalajara, explained different approaches to leveraging the Pokemon excitement. One suggestion was to create activities centered around the Pokemon theme and characters. Another idea is to create activities that incorporate the same technology of augmented reality. The presenter demonstrated an app that could easily be introduced to Kinder students or any other grade level. This app is called Klikaklu. It's basically an app to create scavenger hunts, in which kids have to find and match images, once they find them, they are prompted with a question or a clue to continue with the hunt. This was just what I was looking for and plan to create a game for the Kinder students. Follow @rachellanquist

ISP Near Space Program
I'll be honest, attending this session was mostly for personal reasons. I've always had an interest for all space-related matters, so I wanted to learn first-hand what other schools were doing. It was a delight to see what the high school students from the International School of Panama are doing. They have a complete program that launches twice a year a capsule to near space that collects data of weather conditions and also conducts biological experiments. Mr. Jose Rios' goal is to spread the program throughout all America and collect more data that can be shared with everyone to predict weather conditions. Don't miss watching the videos that give you a glimpse of what the students and Mr. Rios do. Follow @josedepanama

Next Generation Science: Innovate, Create & Achieve
With the introduction of NGSS to ASFM I was curious to learn more about what these standards looked like. What a great opportunity to see what experimented teachers are doing. Ms. Pamela Garza and Ms. Brenda Silva, from the American Institute of Monterrey, guided us through a brief explanation of the standards and then through the Engineering Design Process. This is basic to solving problems when working with the science standards. We also practiced fun and simple STEM challenges that students are expected to carry out. Follow @pamelagza26  & @brendis99

Shine With Your Story
It seems that nowadays everything is about telling stories, so I was eager to learn of a novel way to do so. This session led by Ms. Marybell Rodriguez, from the Universidad de Monterrey, centered around three tools developed by Adobe. They are Adobe Spark PageAdobe Spark Video, and Adobe Spark Post. These applications require you create a free account that can be used for any of them. Well, just as the title suggested, you can "shine" with these amazing tools! They make publishing a breeze, with so many templates and features to choose from, in a few minutes you can have an amazing professional post, video, or web page. It's available online and through iPad apps. In fact, if you take a look at the recap of the 2017 conference, you'll find an example of a page made with Adobe Spark Page. Follow @marybellr

If you attended Live Curious, Go Beyond and want to share your experience, please leave a comment below.