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Live Curious, Go Beyond by Verónica Diaz

posted Mar 29, 2017, 1:33 PM by Diana Salda–a
SHINE WITH YOUR STORY This session was about telling stories developing with Adobe: Adobe Spark Page, Adobe Spark Video and Adobe Spark Post  with Marybell Rodriguez. I really enjoy this tool because is an easy way to create and share information with students or with parents. In fourth grade we finished the history unit and students visited the Museo de Historia Mexicana were they review all we learned in class it was really grateful to see how students know the information and can talk about history they learned in class. With this Field Trip I create an Adobe Spark Page with photos and information about this unit and I shared with parents. I received some mails about how students talk about this visit to museum and share information to parents about they learned. Parents and students saw the Adobe Spark Page and review the information.

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