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Google Summit Colorado by Kait Hogan and Kris-Anne Steele

posted Nov 10, 2017, 6:45 AM by Brian Hamm

This has been a PD opportunity that I have wanted to experience for the last couple years.  I have found the more I learn using Google and that Add-ons, Extensions and Apps, the easier and more productive my days are inside the classroom.  This summit brought together educators with similar experiences and feelings about Google and the possibilities it brings to a classroom.  In the sessions, I learned many new things, but I was also able to share my insight and experiences.  In each session, I was able to find a connection to what we are doing here at ASFM and I was also able to say we could be doing that at ASFM.  I have come back from Colorado with a plethora of new ideas and things to try in my classroom.  Ideas from flipping my classroom using a video-editing extension, to using Google Forms for assessments in math classes with the help of the extension EquatIO, to simply cleaning up my Gmail inbox and making my day a little less stressful not being overwhelmed by unread emails.  This was an amazing opportunity and I encourage ALL teachers to attend at least one of these summits, no matter your level of Google-iness.  I am already looking forward to the next summit I get to attend. 

- Kait Hogan

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