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Google Certified Level 1 by Ned Aiken

posted Jan 11, 2017, 8:14 PM by Diana Salda–a
I just finished the level 1 google certification test, and it was a very positive experience, for more reasons than just because I passed.  It was an engaging and interactive test where I was learning just as much as I was proving what I already knew, and apart from the last 20 minutes when I started getting very concerned about the amount of time remaining, it was a lot of fun.  I would say the most significant takeaway I had from the test was working with Google programs I hadn't previously worked with, like Google Classroom and Google Groups, where during the test I kept finding myself saying out loud, "this is cool, I want to start using this".  Now this might be a testament to the fact that the test wasn't super difficult in that I could easily figure out how to use programs I had zero experience with, or maybe its a testament to Google's intuitive and easy-to-use programing, or the most likely situation that the Google certification level 1 test is more of a marketing tool, getting us more interested in the software, than it is a challenging test.  Either way, it was useful, informative, and fun, so cheers Google.