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GAFE Audit Summary of Changes

posted Oct 31, 2017, 1:58 PM by Brian Hamm   [ updated Oct 31, 2017, 1:59 PM ]


A GAFE Audit provided us with an in-depth review of our GAFE domain by industry experts, Amplified IT, against best practices. Each setting was documented and analyzed including the integration with other IT systems, tests of compliance, and evaluation of the effectiveness of current usage of GAFE offerings.

The focus of the GAFE Audit was split into a review of four key areas:

Google Suite App

Scheduled Change:

additional google services.jpg

Google Additional Services

Services to be Turned ON:

Chrome Management

Chrome Web Store

Fusion Tables (experimental)

Google Bookmarks

Google Books

Google Chrome Sync

Google Custom Search

Google Finance

Google in Your Language

Google News

Google Public Data

Google Takeout

Google Translator Toolkit

Web & App Activity

To be turned on for MSHS Teachers and Students:



Turned on for Teachers only:

Google Analytics
Google Groups: See Groups for more details
Google Photos

Marketplace Applications


CloudLock Apps Firewall

CloudLock for Google Apps


Doc To Form



Easy Accents

Form Publisher





g(Math) for Forms

g(Math) for Sheets


General Audit Tool


Lucidchart Diagrams

Pear Deck

PowerSchool Learning

Texthelp Study Skills


Yet Another Mail Merge

GSuite Training

Google Calendar

  • Default setting changed for creating calendars to “Only free/busy information.”

Google Classroom

  • All Faculty will be a group to pre-approve teachers for Google Classroom.

Google Contact

  • No major changes

Google Drive

  • Drive - Access Checker:

  • When a user shares a file via a Google product other than Docs or Drive (for example, by pasting a link in Gmail), Google will ask the user to pick if they want to share the file to:  “Recipients only,”

Google Mail

  • Labs provide extra functionality. Advanced Labs Management enables the ability to turn on labs for all users, control the use of these experimental labs and will stop new labs from being used and causing unnecessary support calls.

Google Hangouts

  • Hangouts Chat Only for all users to ensure greater functionality, service parity and the ability to force Chat History to ON to ensure that Chat History is recorded in Google Vault.  

  • Sharing Options - Warn users when chatting outside the domain.

  • Talk/Hangouts - All users can chat outside of the domain.

Google Groups

  • Staff/students are allowed to create groups with a  suffix added to them to clearly mark them as a user-created group. @groups.asfm.edu.mx

Google Sites

  • Sharing Settings: Newly created sites default to private.


  • Turning ON this service for Staff to allow education-based social networking.

  • Student users must be age 13 or older to use this service.

  • Sharing Posts: Default setting for new posts is restricted.

  • Profile discoverability: set to OFF

  • Edit name: Set to OFF.

File:Google Chrome icon (2011).svg - Wikimedia Commons


  • Change to Never allow use of Password Manager

  • Change to: “Never show the ‘show password button’”

  • Student Incognito mode to be disabled.

  • Safe browsing enabled by default.

  • Enable Restricted mode

  • Bookmark Manager: Useful bookmarks can be pushed automatically to a user’s bookmark bar.