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Patricio Saenz

Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Live Curious, Go Beyond what's expected.

Finding ways to look into our reality and finding a drive for change has always been a passion of mine. Looking into social innovation and change and how this can affect students at ASFM has been my driving force for the past few years. I look to integrate new and exciting technology not only into the classroom but into service oriented student-led endeavors. Acknowledging but not accepting the gap between social classes and finding a way to work with the community to decrease is what I want to work on, together with my students, in the following years. In the classroom, I seek to aid students in their understanding of how to create and deliver outstanding and powerful presentations using Creative Commons media, because before they know it they will be presenting in front of CEOs and investors.

Areas of expertise: Open Ed Resources, Collaboration tools, Presentation apps

    Twitter Handle: @PSaenzEd