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Gabriel Massine

Live Curious, Go Beyond_______________

I'm always looking for new and interesting and different things in life. That could be a new science series exploring the nature of the universe, to a new technology being utilized to improve human lives, or just to enjoy life more. It could also be exploring new cultures and experiences, new countries, new concepts. I travel to learn and see what is out there. 

I want to see kids getting out of the mandated classroom environment and get to explore more on their own. I'm not quite sure how you can always do that, especially if we have a curriculum that has to be followed (more or less) and standards that have to be met. Unfortunately, this is a contradiction. You can't do both, really. Teachers will tell you that, oh sure, you can, but no, you can't. There isn't enough time to thoroughly cover all standards, yet allow students to explore what interests them. I do what I can in my classroom, and sometimes it is easier in an elective class as you aren't beholden to standards in quite the same was as core teachers are... But I'm looking for more ways to open the curriculum to have the content more student driven, instead of teacher driven.

Areas of Expertise: