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Ernesto Espinoza

Tijuana, Mexico

Live Curious, and Go Beyond the Basics

I have been working at ASFM for a couple years and is amazing how I learn something new everyday from students, coworkers and admins team. I decide to join the DT team to help (and be helped) as much as it can on my research for strategies than help to connect PE and specialists classes with technological tools.

Areas of expertise: LMS,

     Twitter Handle: @Ernesto_PeAsfm

My blend looks like...

posted May 17, 2016, 9:36 AM by Ernesto Espinoza

When the school started the project I was wondering, how is this going to fit in my class, is there a manual for this? how many things should I do to "get Blended". Blended Learning is an amazing experience, to learn than everything can be blended even in a small way. 

For a PE (Physical Education) class might look a little different, and sometimes it can be a little bit more challenging than other classes if you do not want to lose time on the techniques physically applied. On our classes we started to work on Haiku that is a wonderful resource but sometimes is it might be complicated for students to follow up since they have some other topics to work on. However it helps to approach to students who need extra work, some different challenges or simply to share resources with them.

During class, students now can have feedback from classmates through technology, using iPads, iPods, laptops, specific apps in a way than they can keep a record of their activities, their achievements, instant feedback, etc., and all of this can happen during the lesson. 

Some resources that might help you to understand what blended learning is and some tools to use to start using it on a friendly way:

Resources for PE/Blended Learning


Reflection on TLC Tuesday

posted Apr 20, 2016, 5:25 AM by Ernesto Espinoza

For Specialist team was an amazing activity to share and work about which aspects make our team be really "special", the team had a Chance to work together sharing the activities the do at classroom to embed technology during the class.

For this activity the team choose animoto because it's a really wide team's characteristics and it let everybody to add main points where everybody converge.

Here you have a piece of the sharing result: Specialists' ASFM Blended Learning Reflection

Reasons why we should work out

posted Oct 28, 2015, 1:26 PM by Ernesto Espinoza   [ updated Oct 28, 2015, 3:03 PM by Brian Hamm ]

Looking for reasons to Work out with regularity I found sites where they can give you even more than 100 different reasons to do it. When we think about exercise a couple ideas comes to our minds, ideas like "i'm so tired" or "I do not want to waste my time" or the classic "I am too busy for this". When you are a teacher (or any other profession), all the reasons for not work out are valid, but why should we do it? I will share a couple of links where you will find some interesting information regarding the exercise effects on your humor and physical condition

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