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Cassandra Salas

Monterrey, Mexico

Live Curious, Go Beyond__________

I'm Cassandra Salas I am currently a Nursery Educational Assistant. As a graduate from International Relations bachelor I've learned to deal with different cultures, ages, and characters. One of my passions has always been kids, that is the main reason I decided to join the ASFM family. I am committed 110% in achieving the established goals in order for the kids to become better people and start learning things that will guide them throughout their lives.

I think that technology is now an essential part of the learning environment and kids should be exposed as much as possible to it. By being a Digital Teacher I will try to bring as much content possible to my teammates so that our students benefit from tools that will guide them throughout their lives. Working with the smallest kids in school is an extraordinary challenge because what you teach is going to be the base on which they build up, and tech should definitely be one of the pillars.

Areas of expertise: LMS, PLN

Twitter Handle: @casssalasv


TI Projects

posted Sep 7, 2016, 5:24 AM by Cassandra Salas

I would like to work on the Inspiring Spaces project or the E-Portfolio. I think that it could be really cool if we could find a way to use any of these with the younger kids. It will definetly be an interesting challenge but at the end the kids will understand and be inmersed into technology. 

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