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Circle of Tools

During the 2014/15 school year, TI and a team of digital teachers went through the process of refining our ‘ASFM Circle of Tools’.  In the beginning meetings, it was quite overwhelming as we shared N-12 tools used daily by teachers. The outcome of this process was a consolidation of ASFM tools N-12. Below is a breakdown of these tools into various categories.  You can also check out this 'Circle of Tools Explained' blog post for more information.

It’s important to note these are the tools that ASFM Digital Teachers and TI officially support.  They are also the tools that tend to get higher priority in terms of school bandwidth.  Although these are the official tools, we’re always open to teachers exploring something new and better for student learning.  If you ever have a tool that you think is worthy of this list then check out the ‘Procedures for ASFM Official Adoption of New Technology’.

ASFM Circle of Tools 2014-2018/19

ASFM Circle of Tools