Auto Grade Quizzes

The slideshow with captions will guide you through installing and using Flubaroo to grade quiz answers collected using a Google Form. 

Best practices include:
  1. After you create the quiz, take the quiz! See how it looks. Make sure that there is a correct answer to each question. Answer the quiz with the correct answers.
  2. When creating the quiz, make sure you check the box Automatically collect respondent's ASFG username.
  3. Do not send an email to students with the results until all of the students have taken the quiz. 
  4. When you create questions, be sure to check Make this a required question so students can not skip any questions before submitting.
  5. When you create questions, there is an Advanced setting option. Click on it and choose the Shuffle on setting so students have less opportunity for cheating.

What kinds of questions work well:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Grid
  • Choose from list
What kinds of questions need more thought:
  • Text questions - Their answer must be the same as yours. Capital letters do not matter, but correct spelling does. 
  • Checkboxes - Checkbox questions will allow students to choose more than one answer. Flubaroo will count the whole question wrong if they are missing any of the correct answers or have chosen one of the incorrect answers.
What kinds of questions to avoid completely:
  • Paragraph response questions can not be graded by Flubaroo.