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From the menu on the left, you will find pages of links for online tools and websites to help the beginners in this hobby (that I have found to be very helpful), a page devoted to my second attempt in my life at Astro-Photography, this time with a digital SLR camera and equatorial mount, and more info on my gear and a short story of how Astronomy got into me.

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So What's New
in Here?

Added a picture of my Astro-Photography scope and mount rig, that shows it fully "wired" with a new Canon 60D DSLR, and more information, within my Digital Astro-Photography and Astronomy in My Life page.

Have moved the 'Digital Imaging Resources' page, with significant updates and expansion, to a new page within the ASEM's DI (Digital Imaging) SIG section, called: Digital Imaging - Resource Library.  See this page henceforth for reference information and internet links on Astro-Photography.  A great page to bookmark.