Graphical view of the weather predictions along the eclipse line.

Locations West to East:
  1. Casper Wyoming is on the centerline
  2. Laing Park is near Alliance Nebraska (west) and is on the centerline
  3. Grand Island Nebraska (East) is on the centerline
  4. Missouri State University is St. Joseph Missouri and is on the centerline
  5. Columbia Missouri is on the Center line
  6. Danville Missouri
  7. Broemmelsiek Park Missouri
  8. St. Clair Missouri is on the Center line
  9. Carbondale Illinois is on the centerline
  10. Shepard' Valley Observatory is just north of the Centerline and is East of Nashville Tennessee


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Solar Powered Astronomy


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This project was the stimulus for a spotlight article in the ShowMeSolar newsletter:




Sketching practice

Sketching practice


Proposed 32" telescope at Broemmelsiek Park in St. Charles



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Page describing how "Terminator - The small movie" was made as well as the full size animation.



 A few of my favorite fireworks shots:

 And a bunch of others: