Welcome to the "New and Improved" Files Website.

The primary focus of the Files Website is to make the Court documents in cases related to ASD/Ad Cash Generator, Zeek Rewards, the now nonvocal "ASD Justice" group, the eAdGear/GoFunPlaces lawsuits and other topics of interest available to those who want to see them.   Since I began posting these documents on the site, I have spent a lot of my own money
to get them and post them here.   

At this time I am following several cases including Zeek Rewards/Paul Burks, Vemma, TelexFree, Profitable Sunrise, USFIA and others. As more scams and their operators go to court, I will likely add those cases to this site as time and money permit.  Keep an eye on the menu to the left for new additions.

Thomas Anderson "Andy" Bowdoin, formerly the owner/operator/convicted Felon of ASD, is now located at the
Federal Prison Camp (FPC) in Pensacola, Florida, a minimum security facility that houses male offenders. His proposed release date is 02-07-2018. It proves even old scam artists can go to prison.

Adding some proof to the existence of "Serial Promoters", there are some familiar names involved in the Zeek Rewards case, names like Catherine Parker, Jerry Napier, Todd Disner and Dwight Schweitzer (the suspended attorney) who believed the ASD search warrant and affidavits were invalid, an idea propagating in the Zeek case as well. There are way too many similarities, phrases and strategies existing between the old ASD case and Zeek Rewards case to not think many of same people are/were involved in both. 

Many of the Zeek Diamond Affiliates (and others) are recruiting for a myriad of other schemes, including Profitable Sunrise, Paradigm Shift, Go Fun Rewards, and OfferHubb.  Perhaps the best way of stopping these Serial Promoters from moving from scam to scam is for the US DOJ to file RICO charges on them. One can only hope.

TelexFree, Profitable Sunrise, eAdGear, Liberty Reserve, Rippln, and WCM777 Added

Site Last Updated: June 10, 2015