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Campus Recreation offers a variety of after school programs which support the school mission and give students the opportunity to be active, learn new skills, and have fun.

We facilitate the after school programs for the Middle School; offer many pay per term sports programs; coordinate arts and exploratory programs utilizing some of the most qualified individuals and organizations in the city; and run an Intramural program for middle school students. Campus Recreation also assists our community service clubs.

There is no shortage of positive, healthy, and safe after school activities for students. We invite you to become a part of this exciting program.

Middle School Activities

 Chess Club  Grades 6-8
 Mandarin/Chinese  Grades K1-12
 Spanish  Grades K1-12

The Arts
 Bollywood Dance
 Grades 6
 Irish Dance
 Grades 6-8
 Kid's Theater Works
 Grades 6-8
 Music Lessons
 Grades 6-8
 Performance Ballet/Contemporary
 Grade 7
 Street Jazz Dance
 Grades 6-8
 Tap Dance  Grades 6-7

 Dubai Ultimate Charity Event (DUCE)
 Club GAIA: Global Awareness Inner Awakening
 Kids for Wish Kids (makes wishes come true for kids
 with terminal illnesses)
 Room to Read
 Seeds of Change

 Boy Scouts of America  Grade 6 and up
 Girl Scouts of America  Grade 6

 Badminton  Grades 6-8
 Breakfast Club - Morning Exercise  Grades 6-8
 Club Fit    
 Grades 6-8
 Equestrian Club  Grades 6-8
 Flag Football  Grades 6-8
 Floor Hockey  Grades 6-8
 Grades 6-8
 Indoor Soccer   
 Grades 6-8
 Off Season Volleyball  Grades 6-8
 Sailing  Grades 6-8
 Soccer  Grades 6-8
 Swimming: Falcons Swim Club  Grades 6-8
 Table Tennis  Grades 6-8
 Tae Kwon Do  Grades 6-8
 Tennis  Grades 6-8
 Volleyball  Grades 6-8
 Wall Climbing    
 Grades 6-8