Health Office

Your child's admission to ASD is not complete without the fulfillment of the following health office requirements:
  1. Completion of all ASD Health Office information forms.
  2. Interview with an ASD school nurse if your child has any medical condition or takes regular medication
  3. Completion of a medical examination by the appointed ASD school doctor
  4. ALL childhood vaccinations are up to date


All forms need to be completed by the parents and submitted directly to the Health Office. The medical consent form needs to be submitted in original.
  • Medical History Form
    List current medical conditions and history of illness. If your child has any medical condition, it is a requirement to make an appointment with a school nurse to discuss the child's needs before starting school. The school nurse cannot be responsible for the health of your child should you choose not to consult with a member of the health care team.

  • Immunization Chart
    This needs to be completed by parents or a doctor's office and submitted along with a copy of the vaccination record. Both need to be submitted.

  • Medical Consent Form
    Parents give permission to
    Over the counter medication
    Emergency Treatment
    Medical Examination

Contact the Health Office

If you have any questions, we are glad to help.

Contact a school nurse on (04) 395-0005.

Medical Examinations

As per the regulations set by the Dubai Department of Health, a school medical is required for all new students enrolling at ASD. The simple medical will be conducted by the ASD school doctor on campus. Medicals for new students are scheduled throughout the year (not necessarily at the beginning of the school year). The Health Office will notify parents by email when a medical is scheduled for your child.

Medical examinations obtained outside Dubai do not meet the School Health requirements and will not be accepted.