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Due Date April 20, 2018

Daily Giveaway Winners

Today's winner of the Daily Giveaway Fundraiser was Ben Haddad who won the final prizes of a candy gift basket a $25 Amazon gift certificate and 2 Free games donated by Merrimack Ten Pin, a long time supporter.

Thurs. Feb. 1st’s winner was Jonathan Kraft who won a $20 GAP eCard and 2 Free admissions donated by The Roller Kingdom of Tynsboro. They are a first time sponsor.

Wend. Jan. 31st’s winner was Kim Fusoris who won the tool box full of tools and a $25 Amazon gift card.

Tues. Jan. 30th’s winner was Ben Haddad who won the MYSTERY draw day winning not only a $10 Boston Market gift card, and a $20 gift card donated by Joey’s Diner of  Amherst, a long time supporter, but also a gift package donated by Vertical Dreams of Manchester, a new supporter. Thanks to both our new and long time supporters.

Mon. Jan. 29th’s winner was Nan Ma who won the kitchen spice basket and a $5 gift card to Not Your Average Joe’s.

Fri. Jan. 26th’s winner was Brian Gosselin who won the arts & crafts basket and 2 Free admissions donated by The Roller Kingdom of Tynsboro, a new supporter. Our thanks to them.

Thurs. Jan. 25th’s winner was Janet Krupp who won the spa basket complete with a Bath And Body Works candle and a $50 gift certificate donated by Seasonal Specialty of Amherst, who is a long time supporter. We thank them for their continued support.

Wend. Jan. 24th’s winner was Liz Cloutier who won $10 eCard to Boston Market and a $20 gift certificate donated by The Lobster Boat of Merrimack, a long time supporter. Be sure to thank them.

Tues. Jan. 23rd’s winner was Elaine Pizza who won the coffee break gift basket and 3 $10 eCards, one to the Ninety Nine Restaurant, one to IHOP and one to Papa John’s.

Mon. Jan. 22nd’s winner was Jennifer DelSesto who won the mani/pedi gift basket and a $10 Bath & Body Works eCard.

Fri. Jan. 19th’s winner was Lisa Macaraeg who won a $20 Old Navy eCard (was misprinted on ticket as only being for $10) and a large cheese pizza donated by Domino’s of Merrimack, a long time supporter. Be sure to patronize them.

Thurs. Jan. 18th’s winner was Garrett K. who won a $5  little Ceasar’s gift card & a $20 gift card donated by DW Diner of Merrimack, a long time supporter. Be sure to thank them.

Wend. Jan. 17th’s winner was Elaine Isaak who won the scrapbooking gift basket, a $25 Fudrucker’s gift card & a $25 Shutterfly eCard. (There was a misprint on the tickets showing the Shutterfly at $15)

Tues. Jan. 16th’s winner was Leenie Haddad who won the office gift basket and a$5.00 Barnes and Noble gift card.

Fri. Jan. 12th’s  winner was Tom Popik who won the games & toys gift basket along with 2 free games of bowling donated by Merrimack Ten Pin, a long time supporter.

Thurs. Jan. 10th’s winner was Wendy Corr who won a dinning table gift basket and a $25 Chili’s gift card.

Tues. Jan. 9th’s  winner was John McDonough who won a $25 Darden gift card good at Red Lobster, Olive Garden or Texas Longhorns.

Mon. Jan. 8th’s winner was Harrison N. who won the movie gift basket $10 eCard to AMC theaters and a $25.00 gift certificate donated by Paradise North in Merrimack; first year supporting ASD Educational Foundation. Be sure to thank them.

Fri. Jan 5th's winner was Allyson Felo who won $10 Old Navy eCard & a large pizza donated by Dominos of Merrimack; a long time supporter. 

Thurs. Jan. 4th's winner was Peter Gousios who won $15 Google gift card & 2 Free Admissions donated by The Roller Kingdom in Tynsboro; supporting us for the first time. Be sure to thank them.

Wense. Jan. 3rd's winner was Justin Haddad who won the gardening gift basket along with a $25.00 gift card donated by The Merrimack Flower Shop, who also donates every year.

Tues. Jan. 2nd's winner was Tom Popik who won 2 lift tickets valued at $110.00 donated by Pat's Peak, who has given this awesome package deal every year, in support. Be sure to thank them when your on the slopes. Pictured below is part of tomorrow's giveaway. It is not too late to buy your ticket.

Pictures of the 2017 Gala

How You Can Help This Year

ASD Educational Foundation (ASD's PTO) would like to welcome all our new students and families, and welcome back everyone returning to our community. As we start the new year, we would like to point out our 3 year-round fundraisers that cost you nothing to participate in: Scrip, which is a way to purchase gift cards and have a portion of the sales come to us; Schoola, which will take your gently worn brand-name clothes and sell them, giving us a percentage of the funds earned (a great way to buy those hard to find styles your children want); and Shoparoo, an app with which you scan in your shopping receipts for points that equal to cash for us at the end of the year. 

How You Can Help This Winter

ASD Educational Foundation's Daily Giveaway Fundraiser

Top seller awarded a $50.00 Amazon gift card was Kiersten C. for selling 15 tickets making $125.00. Congratulations!