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What material is taught at each language level?

At Service High School we follow the Anchorage School District's learning objectives. As the district is moving towards Common Core State Standards (CCSS), we at Service are implementing alignment with these standards. To find out more about Alignment with CCSS, go to the ASD World Languages website.

The Anchorage School District has adopted material from Vista Higher Learning. Included in the material is an online textbook for practice and learning. Students may access their textbook by going to vhlcentral.com.

Whom do I contact with questions? 

Do you have any questions about your child taking a language in high school? Here are the following contacts that will be able to help you:

cafmeyer_karen@asdk12.org - Spanish Teacher

Durner-feiler_Zoe@asdk12.org  - Japanese Teacher

Eschenlohr_Greg@asdk12.org - German Teacher

lopez_catherine@asdk12.org - French and Spanish Teacher

padgett_becky@asdk12.org - World Language Department Chair, Spanish Teacher and Spanish Club Sponsor

reynvaan_fauna@asdk12.org - German Teacher and German Club Sponsor
Couselors and Curriculum Principal:

rufner_daniel@asdk12.org - Seminar Program Counselor
hamilton_erin@asdk12.org - Freshmen Academy & BCA Counselor 

azzam_imtiaz@asdk12.org - Curriculum Principal 

Has your child taken language classes in middle school or do you speak another language at home?

Freshman (9th grade) should take level 2 (or above) if they have already completed 2 years in 7th & 8th grades or speak the language at home on a regular basis.

Is there an incentive for my child to continue language study as a freshman?

If enrolled in a language class in 7th and 8th grades, and is able to enter a level 2 or higher language class as a freshman, then at the end of 9th grade, with a grade of C or better in the language class, he/she will receive 2 years of language study credit at the high school level.

CREDIT INCENTIVE FORM must be filled out and turned into either the student’s counselor or language teacher. More information can be found on the ASD World Languages website.  

Why should my child study a language for more than two years?

Most colleges require at least two years of a language to even apply. Some universities might require or recommend 3 or 4 years of study in the same language. It is best to do some research to verify requirements for your preferred universities. 

Even if you child is not planning to continue their education at a university, there are plenty of benefits for studying a language. The Anchorage School District offers a Seal of Biliteracy that helps all students be recognized for their proficiency in two or more languages for career marketability and advancement. Click on Seal of Biliteracy to learn more.

Click here to find out additional benefits to learning a language. 

Interested in earning college credit while in High School?

AP classes are offered in French, German, and Spanish, and as a junior or senior, your child may earn college credit by taking the CollegeBoard AP Language Exam, offered in May. This exam does not count towards the student’s grade on the high school transcript, but it does improve your child’s chances at getting into the college of choice. Click CollegeBoard for additional information.
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