SAHS robotics is in the process for moving from FIRST robotics to a more traditional program using Arduino boards and parts that are more "raw" in nature.  We believe that our new direction will take students to the next level of electronics understanding and programming knowledge.

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It is the belief of the coaches of the SAHS robotics teams that the process of development of the robots and the programming there of be the responsibility of the students.  To that end we as coaches endeavor to to offer guidance and examples to aid students to discover unique solutions to solving FTC challenges.

Big changes this year.  We will be programming in Java instead of C!

Students are encouraged to enroll in robotics as a class and get high school cr

State Tounament info

FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIAL (if there is enough interest):

We will be hosting a social on Friday night at Putters Wild. All teams are highly encouraged to attend. This is a great chance for teams to socialize and have fun away from the competition. Don't forget that an important part of FTC is to make friends and have fun! 

  • $5 per person - pay at door
  • If you are interested see your coach


Please note that the concessions at the Alaska Airlines Center will not be open during the event. We struck a deal with them so that we can bring in our food and beverages, but it means that concessions will not be open. Please make sure that you come prepared with food, snacks, and/or a plan to eat out. 


All teams should plan to arrive at the AAC no later then 3 PM on Friday and leave the AAC no earlier than 7 PM on Saturday (just to be safe). 

*Please note that we will be scheduling in some presentations from recruiters. Recruiters will also have tables set up in the atrium throughout the event. (Thanks to Coach Prnka for organizing!). More details coming soon...



1:00 PM - Pits Open (Everyone will have a 10'x10' pit area with access to power)

3:00 PM - Engineering Notebook, Promote/Compass Videos, & Team Roster Dropoff (late notebooks and entries will not be accepted)

3:00 PM - Inspections Open

5:00 PM - Judging 

5:30 PM - Coach Meet & Greet w/ JoAnn Halloran, FIRST HQ Representative

6:30 PM - Practice Matches / Referee Practice

8:00 PM - Pits Close

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Social Event @ Putters Wild 



7:30 AM - Pits Open

8:15 AM - Drivers Meeting (down by Competition Area)

9:00 AM - Opening Ceremony (First two matches should be queued up and everyone else should be in the stands. Volunteer, coach, and senior recognition included in opening ceremony this year)

9:30 AM - Qualifying Matches 

12:30 PM - LUNCH

1:00 PM - Qualifying Matches resume

4:00 PM - Alliance Selections (ONE team captain with robot lined up in front of competition fields)

4:15 PM - Elimination Round

5:45 PM - Closing Ceremony

6:30 PM - Pits Close


The event will be live streamed and archived on the Alaska Airlines Center YouTube Channel.



Each team will have a 10'x10' area, and teams will be able to vote for their favorite pit display. Remember - this is about more than robots! Use your pit area to share information on your team, what you've learned, what outreach you've done, and what you plan to do next.

Check out last year's winning pit display from 3480 Frostbyte for some inspiration. 



Videos must be submitted in AVI, WMV or MOV format. Videos should be saved and submitted on a thumb drive that is CLEARLY marked with your team number. Videos must be turned into the registration desk at the event no later than 3:00 PM (with your engineering notebook). 



Alaska will have 5 teams advancing to the West Super Regional on March 10-12 at the Tacoma Convention Center in Tacoma, WA. Those 5 teams will be selected based on the standard advancement criteria published by FIRST


Information on travel arrangements for the Super Regional can be found here: http://ftcwest.org/compete/travel-2/

THATTeam, CATalyst, and Tacos Team at the end of the 1st Qualifier