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At some point in the near future, make sure you check out the important general information -- there's a tab above -- that pertains to ALL of Mr. Rhodes's classes.

Email the teacher at if you have any questions. He can be found in room 210, in Yellow Hall near the cafeteria.

Greetings -- this is where you find out more about Warren Rhodes's English classes at Bartlett High School. In addition to the usual things taught in English classes (reading, writing, speaking, listening, etc.), I strive to create good work habits in students to form a solid foundation for the rest of high school and beyond. Students need to be seated at their assigned desk and ready to work by the time class starts, or they are considered tardy. 

This school site does not require any password, since there is no personal information. First, click on your class period using the tabs above. Make sure you go to the right period, since classes that seem the same, like my two sophomore classes (periods 3 & 5), often move at different speeds due to rotation schedule, book availability, unforeseen events, etc. 

On each class site, you will find a link to each class's calendar. There, you will see upcoming events such as parent conferences and holidays. But more importantly, you will find assignment information that includes when each one is due. Often, there will be links to handouts and web sites. 

To see current grades, you need ZANGLE(Parents, you must get a password from the office to use Zangle, and then you can access the grades of ALL your children anywhere in the district. Students, get your own passwords to see your records but not those of your siblings. I enter grades into Zangle as quickly as possible but rarely can do so on a daily basis.) 

I strongly recommend that both parent and student check the web site AND Zangle on a daily basis. This web site is especially useful to students if they miss a day – while home feeling sick, they will probably be able to do the work at home and not get behind. After all, when they come back, they have only one day to make up their 6 classes – in addition to doing the current day’s work. Zangle, on the other hand, is useful to see if you remembered to turn something in. 

Parents, please make sure your child does not get behind. Students should attend as many classes as possible and turn in all work, no matter how late. Also, make sure that you excuse absences the same day or by the next day at the latest – if Zangle doesn’t show an absence as “excused,” I will not give any credit for work turned in from that day. If the attendance office is not called by the following day, the student might have to bring in a signed note to each teacher – for some strange reason, even if the office accepts an excuse after that, what the teacher sees in Zangle does not change. 

Make sure you check out the important general information -- there's a tab at the top -- that pertains to ALL of Mr. Rhodes's classes.