Welcome to Ms. Valentino's Class at Rogers Park Elementary School!

I hope each of you had a chance to rest, relax and enjoy the summer months. 

I have taught seventeen years at Rogers Park Elementary. I taught Kindergarten for three years, third grade for two years, and fourth grade for twelve years.  Once again, I have been assigned as a fourth grade teacher for this school year.

It’s wonderful to have a class of enthusiastic students, with such diverse backgrounds!  I plan to work very closely with you, as the parent/or guardian, this year to make sure your child gets the most out of our year together.  A world full of challenges awaits your child.  It is our responsibility to work together as a team, in order to prepare your child to succeed in this world as a productive worker, concerned citizen, trusted family member, good friend, intelligent consumer, and caring adult. Because this year is one of many that your child will spend in school, the possibilities for intellectual, social and personal growth are tremendous. 

I have high expectations for my students.  The work we do will be challenging for each and every student.  It is important for the student to learn at a young age that effort leads to success.  I will provide assistance whenever they reach the point where they have done as much as they possibly an on their own.

I am committed to creating an upbeat, productive classroom environment.  The students will play an active role in their learning and much of the learning will be cooperative and multi-sensory.  I am a Slingerland - trained teacher. This type of training enables me to teach with a multi-sensory approach to learning: I teach using visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities.  I also have specialized training to teach gifted students, as well as special education students.  Every attempt will be made to make the work, the learning, meaningful to the students. 

We have a great year ahead of us!  Students should come prepared each day for a new adventure in learning.  Make the most of the year ahead – Do your very best always!

Ms. Valentino, Classroom 114                                           

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Every day in every way,

I’m getting better and better.

        -Emile Coue


Teamwork: “Coming together is

a beginning; keeping together is

progress; working together is


-Henry Ford


“Come to the edge,” He said.

They said, “We are afraid.”

“Come to the edge,” He said.

They came. He pushed

them...and they flew.

 -Guillaume Appollinaire


By the end of this school year, 

                 your child will be prepared to soar

                 into next year's grade level!




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