Welcome to Creekside Physical Education

Mission Statement

Creekside Park Elementary creates physically literate individuals by providing the opportunities for all learners to safely engage in a range of physical activities through skill instruction, practice, assessment and games. Lessons are carefully planned to ensure that all children can learn the essential skills to be successful while having fun.  Students are engaged in kinesthetic learning and fitness skills that prepare them to live a fun and active lifestyle at home everyday.  Also, students are successful learners through explicit skills and content instruction using differentiated equipment in order to reach their full potential.  Our youth learn essential communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills through cooperative games, peer assessment, team building activities, and active game play.  Students develop essential social and emotional skills such as  their self-confidence, self-esteem, reflection and sense of achievement.

Dress for Success in PE 

We run, jump, climb, scoot, and crawl during PE. 

Sneakers or gym shoes are greatly appreciated.  They do not need to be solely for PE, they can be for recess or day to day activities, but high heels, boots, wedges, and flip flops do not offer support for ankles and can lead to injuries. 

Normal school clothes are just fine for PE.  Athletic attire allow for students to stay cool while working hard as long as they meet the school dress code.  Dresses/skirts can work as long as shorts are worn underneath. 

If the students attire does not work well with the activities for the day, he/she may need to sit out of certain activities for safety reasons.  

Spring is on its way!

With the weather changing and getting warmer, please make sure your child has outdoor as well as in door PE attire.  We will have class in both locations.      

Get out and Play!

Get a short workout in with your family with "Hunt Fitness" or click on the fitness calendar and see what activity you could do for the day.

 Activity Calendar:


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