8th Grade Team The Alliance

TEAM NUMBERS:  (Also, use these numbers to reach the team counselors)                                                        
742-0558 TEAM PHONE, Press #2 for the HOMEWORK HOTLINE

742-0500 School Phone 

COMMUNICATION:  PLEASE CONTACT US (by email, if possible) WITH ANY CONCERNS, OR IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD FROM US IN A WHILE. We promise to reply in a timely manner.  We rely on you to keep us informed about your child and up to date with your contact information.

Use these email addresses to reach the counselors:

Common Team Teacher Expectations:

All school rules will be followed in the classrooms. Students are expected to be respectful, responsible and safe.

LATE/MISSING WORK:  On most assignments, students will have the opportunity to turn in late work for reduced credit.  If students know an assignment will be late, due to extenuating circumstances, they should talk to a team teacher. prior to the due date, if at all possible.  Acceptance of late work is at teacher discretion.


BATHROOM:  Students are expected to use the bathroom during passing time. They will not be allowed to leave during the first or last ten minutes of class time, or during instruction.  Abuse of pass privileges (overuse, extended time) will result in the loss of those privileges.

NOT PREPARED/TARDIES:  Not being prepared with materials ready to learn will result in a tardy. This includes not having a silent reading book. Students are allotted one tardy per quarter without consequences. Every subsequent tardy will result in a detention.

HOMEWORK:  Expect math homework most nights and science homework once a week.  Language Arts and Social Studies homework will occur during projects or when students do not finish during class time. Call the HOMEWORK HOTLINE for specifics: 742-0558, #2.

GRADES: Grades are available online with the Zangle system. Grades will be available in the classroom for students by request or when posted. Look for progress reports to be signed for Math and Science.

HEADINGS: Name date, period, and assignment title in the right hand corner. Assignments with missing headings are subject to minor point penalties.

NET CETERA (ONGUARD ONLINE)-Chatting with kids about being online:http://www.onguardonline.gov/topics/net-cetera.aspx