6th Grade Team Karma


Meet the teachers! (Click on the name to go to their website)

Robert Bane - Science                                                                                                                                                    

Karla Scherbaum - Math                                                        Click here to sign up for Student-Led Conferences!

Elaina Hveding - Social Studies                                            Click here to check your student's grades on ZANGLE!
Shannon St. Aubin - Language Arts                                     If you do not have a Zangle password or log in, contact the       
                                                                                                  Begich front office. (742-0500)                                                                                            
Julie Austerman - Study Skills and Language!

Team Phone: 742-0575 Please leave a message with name, date, and time.  If you'd like to contact a specific
teacher, email is the best way.
Homework is updated daily on the team phone. Call 742-0575 and listen to the voicemail message to find out what your student is learning!

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