Social Studies

All Social Study teachers at Begich want what is best for your student. 

If you ever have a question, concern, or comment please feel free to contact 
, Department Chair 
for Social Studies at Begich Middle School.
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The Begich Middle School Social Studies Teachers:

                          6th Grade                                        7th Grade                                           8th Grade

                       Elaina Hveding                             Stephanie Anderson                             Nick Middleton
                         Todd Rankin                                   Whitney D'Atri                                     Asher Harley
                      Michael Forbes                              Danielle Shockley                             Debra Whitehouse
                                                                                ELL Teachers
                                                                                Dmitri Shakhov

Our Social Studies Department works hard to bring projects to life throughout the year:  

National History Day  

We The People - May

Youth Court - ongoing, year round

Middle School Debate Competition - April 

Middle School National History Day Competition - January 

Geography Bee - January

Other Celebrations and Observances are:

Constitution Day/Week

Veterans Day

Black History Month

Women's History Month

Native American History Month

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

Please see the following sites for outlines to our curriculum for each grade level. 

Grade 6 - The Twentieth Century