Science teaching at Begich and in all of the Anchorage School District occurs in a ‘spiral’.  Concepts are revisited from year to year, which prepares students for more complex concepts and skills as the student grows.

Begich’s 6-8 grade format lends itself well to this spiral approach to teaching.

Science is ACTIVE!

Science lessons at Begich Middle School are very interactive.  Students participate in several laboratory investigations every week.  In these labs, students learn the steps used in sound scientific investigations.

A uniform presentation of the scientific method solidifies in student’s minds just how decisions are made in the scientific community.  Not every investigation works like we hope that they would.   It is during these times that some of the most important learning can occur! 

Be sure to ask your son or daughter about what they did in science class every day.  Hopefully, their complete and “grown-up” responses will give you a pleasant surprise!

Science for all students!

All students, regardless of gender, cultural, or ethnic background, physical or learning disabilities, aspirations, or interest and motivation in science, should have the opportunity to attain high levels of scientific literacy.

Science Notebooks… what are they and why do we use them?

Students will be issued their own science notebook.  How they are utilized and how they are assessed will vary from teacher to teacher.  However, our goal for the notebooks, increasing science literacy, remains the same for each teacher. 

Science notebooks are used to build science content and process skills.  Students use their notebook to keep accurate records.  They record their questions that they might have about science.  These in turn may result in the creation of specific investigations.

From there, students develop a hypothesis, carry out their investigation, record their observations and relevant evidence and draw conclusions.  (Just like a ‘real’ scientist would do!)  


As students progress throughout the school year, they are able to review what they’ve accomplished to date. 


The National Research Council (National Science Education Standards) says the following about writing in the science classroom.                                                 

An important stage of inquiry and of student science learning is the oral and written discourse that focuses the attention of students on how they know what they know and how their knowledge connects to larger ideas, other domains and the world beyond the classroom.”

The use of Science Notebooks in our classes gives students a format to truly reflect on what they know and what they still question.

Mrs. King                          Sixth Grade  

Mr. Bane                           Sixth Grade  

Mr. Heckart                       Sixth Grade  

Mrs. Holman                     Seventh Grade

Mrs. Gebauer-Dixon         Seventh Grade

Mr. Kluever                       Seventh Grade

Mr. Gallup                         Eighth Grade

Mrs. Gilliam                       Eighth Grade

Ms. Fagrelius                    Eighth Grade