World Languages

Welcome!  ¡Bienvenidos!  Huan Ying!

For the 2014/15 school year, Begich offers Spanish and Chinese.  These are high school level courses, offered one semester per year. Students who successfully complete both years with an average of C or better, and who go on to complete Level II in 9th grade will be awarded a P credit on their high school transcripts.

Upon successful completion of their world language courses, students will be able to engage in social conversations (greetings, farewells, how are you?), express likes and dislikes, ask and answer questions, and describe themselves and their daily lives.

Spanish is taught by Debra Abshier who moved to Anchorage in 2007 to teach at Begich.

Chinese is taught by Georgette Yang.

Señora Abshier and Ms. Yang welcome you to the exciting world of language and culture!