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Welcome to the home of the Begich Student News Team!

The Begich Student News Team is a small group of extraordinary students who help us communicate news and information about Begich Middle School to the world.  To accomplish this, they:
  • Create a daily news broadcast to get important information to all of the classrooms at Begich
  • Post our news broadcast to the website for the world to see on mobile devices and computers
  • Create and update the presentation on our the Begich Reader Board in the school commons
  • Update Twitter with breaking news and announcements to keep our community informed
  • Update our website with photo albums of events and activities to share our successes

If you would like to give us feedback or make suggestions, send us an email! :)

If you would like to submit an announcement for the news, click here.  You will need to log in with your ASD account. :)


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04-26-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Akon Biel and Kylanie Mataia- Sonic Boom, 6th Grade Open House,Pottery Club,Spot Trivia, And Package  
04-25-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Akon Biel and This Jay Yang-Track And Field,Show Your Support, Sonic Boom, Super Sweepers, Spot trivia, weather 
04-22-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kailyn Tabor And Thai Jay Yang-4.0 Breakfast And Achievement Awards,Sonic Boom,Track And Field,4th Quarter Spirit Points,Weather,Did You Know 
04-21-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Akon Biel And Joshua Kim -NJHS Induction,4.0 Breakfast And Achievement Award,21st Century Celebration,After School Snack,Spirit Days,Activity Bus Run,Did You Know 
04-20-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Madi Madros and Joshua Kim-NJHS Induction,  Track and Field,Spot trivia,4.0 Breakfast and Achievement Award,Spirit Day,21st Century Celebration,Inspiration to the Nation
04-19-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kailyn Tabor and Madi Madros - Track and Field Meet at Begich, NJHS Induction Ceremony, Spot trivia, Package
04-18-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Akon Biel and Kylanie Mataia - Show Support to Children in Military Families, Track and Field Meet, NJHS Induction Ceremony, Spot trivia, Weather, 
04-15-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Timothy Stephenson and Madi Madros - Last week of 21st Century, After school bus continues on April 29th, Track and Field 1st place Winners, Character Day, Inspiration to the nation
04-14-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Ilikea and Jada - 4th Quarter Family Night, Track and Field Meet, 8th Grade Online Courses, 4.0 Breakfast and Achievement Awards, Character Day, Quarter 4 Spirit Points
04-13-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Josh and Ilikea - Character Day, 4th Quarter Family Night, Track And Field Meet, NJHS Meeting For Eighth Graders, Spot Trivia, 9th Annual Planet Walk 
04-12-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Madi and Josh - NJHS, Track and Field Meet, National Librarian Day, Tennis, Spirit Points, Spot Trivia
04-11-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Ilikea and Jaidyn - Track And Field Meet, 4.0 Breakfast, National Nurse Day, 9th Annual Planet Walk, Spot Trivia, Weather
04-08-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Mai Lee Thao and Jaidyn Myers-Clyburn - Family Night, Spirit Day, Planet Walk, Weather
04-07-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Timothy Stephenson and Mai Lee Thao - Track And Field Results, 3rd Quarter Art Club, Family Night PSA, Spot Trivia, Did You Know
04-06-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Timothy Stephenson and Ilikea Kahunanui - 3rd Quarter Art Club, Family Night PSA, Track And Field Meet, Spirit Points, Spot Trivia, Did You Know 
04-05-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kailyn Tabor and Mai Lee Thao - Family Night, Track And Field Meet, National Librarian's Month, Spot Trivia, Weather 
04-01-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Jaidyn Myers-Clyburn and Henry DeHoop - AMP Testing, Crazy Hat Day, Band, Family Night, Weather
03-31-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Jaidyn Myers-Clyburn and Mai Lee Thao - Crazy Hat Day, Band Concert, Pottery and Track and Field Story 
03-30-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Akon Biel and Henry DeHoop - Spirit Points, AMP Testing Canceled, Band Concert, Spot Trivia Winner, and Weather
03-29-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Tai Jay Yang and Kailyn Tabor - AMP Testing, Intermediate Band Concert, Begich Drum Line, Spot Trivia
03-28-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kailyn Tabor and Tai Jay Yang - AMP Testing, Orchestra Festival, Spot Trivia, Weather, Be You
03-25-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kailyn Tabor and Henry de Hoop - AMP Testing, Track And Field, SBP, Weather
03-24-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Madison and Tai Jay - AMP Testing, Spirit Day Each Week, SBP, Wind Charts And Scales
03-23-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kylanie and Madison - Schedule, Pottery, Spot Trivia
03-22-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Akon and Jada - Recycling, Spot Trivia, Weather, Jump Rope/Hoop For Heart, Pep Rally
03-21-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Thai Jay and Akon - Debate, Track And Field, Tennis, Spot Trivia, Weather
03-10-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Joshua and Madi - Track and Field, Tennis, Weather
03-09-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Joshua and Madi - Face Painting, Jump rope/hoop for hearts, Spirt Day, Spot Trivia 
03-08-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Joshua -  Sprit Day, Teacher Of the Week, Pep Assembly 
03-07-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Joshua and Madi -  Pep Assembly, Spirt Day, Track and field, Weather, Be You
03-04-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kylanie and Madi - Ski Team Awards, Spirt Day, Weather, Jump Rope/Hoop for Heart
03-03-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Joshua and Mailee -  Spirt Day, Pep Assembly, Jump Rope/Hoop For Heart, 
03-02-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Tim and Mailee -  Spread to End, Ski Meet, Begich Water Bottles, Pep Assembly, Spot Trivia, Tennis
03-01-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Jada and Timothy -  National Reading Month, Pep Assembly, Spread To End, X-Country Skiing, Spot Trivia, This Week's Weather, Hallway Reward Tickets
02-29-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Illekea and Josh -  S.B.P Permission, Debate Tournament, Hall Tickets, Weather
02-25-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Henry and Timothy -  ASD Art Show Displays, 8th Grade Elective Forms, Track and Field, Boy's Basketball
02-24-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Jaidyn and Henry - 8th Grade Elective Forms, ASD Art Show Displays, Boys Basketball, Ski Meet, Track And Field, Spot Trivia
02-23-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Jaidyn and MaiLee - ASD Art Show, East High School Freshman Fair, Boys Basketball, Spelling Bee Finals, JNYO Update, Spot Trivia
02-22-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Timothy and MaiLee - East High School Freshman Fair, Spelling Bee Finals, Boys Basketball Games Times, JNYO Congratulations, and Weathe
02-16-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Thai Jay and Jaidyn - East High School Freshman Fair, X - Country Skiing, and Conference Schedule.  
02-12-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kailyn and Thai Jay - Boys Basketball Games, Student Led Conferences, East High School Freshman Fair, Weather, Valentine's Day's History
02-11-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Henry and Jada - East High School Freshman Fair, Student Led Conferences, Boys Basketball, NYO Group Meeting, Zangle Package
02-10-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Henry and Jaidyn - East High SchoolFreshman Fair, Boys Basketball, X-Country Skiing, Honor Band Rehearsals, Student Led Conferences, Spot Trivia
02-09-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kylanie and Kailyn - Boys Basketball, X-Country Skiing, Honor Band Rehearsals, Team Symbiotic Fundraiser, Spot Trivia, Family Night Package
02-08-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Akon and Kylanie - Candy Grams, Boys Basketball, Spot Trivia, Weather,
02-05-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Akon  and Thai Jay - Special Spirit Day,Candy grams,Band performance,Boys basketball,Family night,  
02-04-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kailyn and Thai Jay - Math Count, Steam Night, Boy's basketball, Team Jersey Day, X-country skiing,   
02-03-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Joshua And Jada - X-Country Skiing meeting, Honor Band Rehearsals, NYO Group Meeting, Steam Night And Chinese New Year, Boy's Basketball    
02-02-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Joshua and Maddie - X-Country Skiing, Boys BasketBall, National Counselor Week, NYO Group Meet, Steam Night
02-01-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Kylanie and Madi - National Counselor's Week, Geo Bee Winners, Boy's Basketball, Family Night Fundraiser, Weather. 
01-28-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Tim and Maddie - NYO group meeting, Geography Bee, Earthquake procedure, Speech on Bullying, X-Country Skiing, 
01-27-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Tim and Ilikea  - Steam Night8th Grade Bartlett Freshman Fair, Native Youth Olympics (NYO), Honor Band Rehearsals, X- Country Skiing, Spelling Bee Winners
01-26-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Ilikea and Josh - Airplane Academy8th Grade Bartlett Open House, Honor Band Rehearsals, Geography Bee
01-25-2016    (SD | HD)     Anchors Josh and Madi - ETS, Airplane Academy, Spelling Bee Winners, 8th Grade Bartlett Open House, Geography Bee, Weather

Semester One
12-15-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Patrick and Jada - Spirit Day, Concert Series, Candy Grams, Skiing Info, Spot Trivia, Mr. Cluever Package
12-14-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Patrick and Kalyn - Spirit days info, Debate, Candy gram, Boys basketball, Winter Concert Series, Package, Spot trivia
12-11-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Sydney and Kalyn - Boys basketball, Skiing, Candy grams, Mr. Cluever package, Weather, Winter dance Package
12-10-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Patrick and Jaynee - Tape Mr. Kluever, Concert info, Winterball dance commercial, Boys basketball, Cross country
12-09-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Jaynee and Andres - Winter Ball, Girls Basketball, Mr. Kluever,Winter Concert,Spot trivia
12-08-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Andres and Jada  - Mr. Kluever, Winter Ball, Winter Concert,Spot trivia
12-07-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Jada and Patrick - Wrestling ,Girls basketballWinter Concert, Winter dance,Spot trivia, Weather
12-04-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Andres and Maikia - Wrestling ,Volleyball Winter Concert, Apply For The Broadcast News!, Boys basketball, Winter dance,Weather
12-03-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Maikia and Auston - Wrestling Tournament Finals, Family Night Today, Apply For The Broadcast News!, Volleyball Results, Winter Ball
12-02-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Jaynee and Auston - Wrestling Tournament,Volleyball Game, Family Night, Winter Ball, Spring Begich Broadcast News Team  
12-01-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Jaynee and Andres -Volleyball Game, Wrestling Tournament, Winter Ball, Family Night, Mr. Rafter Spotlight 
11-30-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Auston and Sydney -Volleyball Game, Wrestling Tournament, Family Night, Open Mic Night, Weather 
11-25-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors Sydney and Kalyn - Wrestling, Volleyball Game, 4-day Weekend, Zangle Story
11-24-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Kalyn and Maikia - Wrestling Match, Hat Day, Zangle, Family Night, Candy Grams, NJHS Meeting
11-23-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Maikia and Auston - Wrestling Match, Hat Day, Thanksgiving Blessing, NHJS Meeting, Candy Grams, Weather, Thanksgiving Food Drive
11-20-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Kalyn and Patrick - Principal Day, Volleyball Info, Begich-KTUU Visit, Candy Grams, Weather
11-19-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Patrick and Jada - Wrestling Match, Food Drive, Principal Day, Volleyball Info,  Hat Day
11-18-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Jada and Sydney - Thanksgiving Food Drive, Hat Day Fundraiser, Zangle, Volleyball Info, Spot Trivia Q&A
11-17-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Sydney and Kalyn - Yearbook Cover Winner, Wrestling Match Info, Volleyball, Family Night, Package, Spot trivia 
11-16-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Jada And Andres - Volleyball Game, Yearbook Pre-Ordering Info, 2nd Family night info, Thanksgiving food drive, Spot Trivia, Weather
11-13-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Jaynee And Andres - Volleyball Game, Family Night, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Weather
11-12-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Jaynee And Patrick - Wrestling Game, Snow Leopards Designs, Volleyball Game, Spot Trivia
11-11-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Patrick and Jack - Wrestling Game, Volleyball,Snow Leopards Designs, Spot Trivia, Recycling 
11-10-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Jaynee and Jada - Wrestling Game, Volleyball, I Am Celebration, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Spot Trivia, Weather
11-06-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Auston and Maikia - Wrestling Game, Volleyball, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Weather
11-05-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Andres and Auston - Wrestling Game, Special Olympics, Volleyball, Spot Trivia, Open Mic
11-03-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Kalyn and Auston - Wrestling Game, Absent Excused, Hallway Expectation, Spot Trivia,
11-02-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Kalyn and Sydney - Wrestling Game, Locker and Hallway Expectations, Spot Trivia, Weather
10-30-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Maikia and Sydney - 4.0 Breakfast, Weather, 21st Century Report
10-29-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Auston and Maikia - 4.0 Breakfast, Achievement Awards, Spirit Week
10-28-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Sydney and Jada - NJHS Meeting, Honor Choir, Spirit Week, Debate, 4.0 Breakfast, Spot Trivia
10-27-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors  Jada and Patrick - NJHS Meeting, Band and Jazz Fall Concert, Spirit Week, Honor Choir Auditions, Volleyball & Wrestlings, Spot Trivia
10-26-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Patrick and Emmaline - Debate, Activity Bus, Band and Jazz Fall Concert, Open Mic, Spot Trivia, Weather, 
10-21-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Kalyn and Sydney - 21st Century, Activity Bus, Spot Trivia, Student Led Conferences 
10-20-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Patrick and Andres - Yearbook Cover, Student Led Conference, Activity Bus, Wrestling Practice, Spot Trivia, Weather     
10-15-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Andres and Jaynee -  Hat Day, Yearbook Cover, Family Night, Girls Basketball, Weather    
10-14-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Jada and Jaynee - 21st Century, Pep Assembly, Girls Basketball, Flash Mob, Family Night,  Spot Trivia
10-13-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Jada and Patrick - Family Night, Spirit Week Contest, 21st Century , Girls Basketball, Spot Trivia
10-12-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Maikia and Jaynee - Debate Tournament, Spirit Week Contest, Girls Volleyball, Weather, Girls Basketball, Spot Trivia
10-09-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Maikia and Auston - Open House, Girls Basketball Game, Begich Wrestling Team, Book Drive Results, Weather
10-08-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Andres and Auston - Debate Tournament, Girls Basketball Game, Family Night, Spot Trivia, How Lunch Is Made Story
10-07-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Jaynee and Andres - 21st Century, Wrestling Camp, Cross Country Results, Chinese Report
10-06-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Auston and Sydney - 21st Century, Girls Basketball, Cross Country Results, Spot Trivia , Book Drive, Book Drive Results  
10-05-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Sydney and Emmaline - Cross Country Meet, Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Weather, Book Drive Points
10-02-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Emmaline and Maikia - Cross Country Results, First Family Night, Weather, Girls Basketball, Book Drive Points
10-01-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Maikia and Auston - Cross Country, First Family Night, Girls Volleyball, Wrestling Camp, Basketball, Book Drive Points
09-30-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Emmaline and Jada - Cross Country, Wrestling, Basketball, Spot Trivia
09-29-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Patrick and Jada - Begich Wrestling, Cross Country, Basketball, First Family Night, Spot  Trivia
09-28-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Patrick and Emmaline - Basketball Results, Book Drive, Spot Trivia, Weather
09-25-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Jack and Emmaline - Coats for Kids, Yearbook Cover Contest, Spot Trivia, Weather 
09-24-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Patrick and Jaynee Spot Trivia, Book Drive Points, Picture Retakes, Farmers Market 
09-23-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Jaynee and Andres - NJHS Meeting Coats For Kids, Spot Trivia 
09-22-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Andres and Jada - Coats For Kids, NJHS Meeting, Student Zangle, Book Drive
09-21-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Jada and Patrick - Year Book Contest, Picture Retake, Spot Cafe Grand Opening
09-18-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Auston and Emmaline - Coats For Kids, Cross Country Meet Results, Spot Cafe Grand Opening, Weather
09-17-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Auson and Maikia - 7th & 8th Grade Open House, Cross Country Meet Today
09-15-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Patrick and Auston - 6th Grade Open House, Cross Country & BBN Interview 
09-14-2015    (SD | HD)     Anchors   Emmaline and Jaynee - Open House, Weather, Picture Retakes & Cross Country 

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