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Race to read in all 7 genres and win prizes! Read 120 minutes in a genre to get credit.  Keep track of the time you spend reading using The Amazing Race log. The paper logs may be available in your library and from your Language Arts teachers but you can also submit your minutes electronically. Click on your school name in the menu on the left and use the form. Make sure you are using the correct school's page! 

To get credit for a category you can read a fiction book that fits the category, a non-fiction book about that category, newspaper articles that talk about that category, blogs about that category, even your textbook if it fits that category. Remember you must read for 120 minutes in a category to get credit.  If you aren't sure what genre to put the minutes in ask your librarian.


#1: The Sports Category: You might read the fiction book Boost (it is about basketball) and it might take you 105 minutes to finish. You can complete the category by reading the sports section of the newspaper for 15 minutes.

#2: The Science Fiction Category: You read a chapter in your science textbook in class for 20 minutes, then you go home and read for 15 minutes. A few days later you can go to the library and pick up a nonfiction book called Stronger Than Steel (about spider silk), read that for 30 minutes, and you are more than half way done with the science category! Round out the category by reading the science fiction book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

If you complete all seven categories you will have read for a total of 14 hours!