Virtual Field Trip to The Moon!

Before the field trip:


Blast Off!

Blast off video

Moon Landing

Exploring the sunny side of the Moon (outside activities)
  • Wear sun visors and helmets for protection from the hot Sun. Discuss why the sunny side of the Moon is so hot (there's no atmosphere/air or clouds to block the sun's light, and the sun is always shining down on the sunny side so there is no night to cool off)
  • Optional: travel to the crater pit (sandy area) on Moon Bikes (tricycles)
  • Collect "Moon rocks" to observe indoors (in sandy playground area)

Exploring the Moon (inside activities)

Exploring the dark side of the Moon (in Lab with Mr. Mitchell)
    • Return "Moon rocks" to the lab for further study (we need them back!) :) 
    • Experiment with making craters

    Return to Earth!