Welcome to Ms. Holthaus' 4th grade class. 

Focusing on the academic and spiritual needs of the students is my priority.  I recognize diversity in the classroom as a valuable asset and will draw upon it to enhance the lives of our students.  Learning together in a collaborative environment, students will gain knowledge from different perspectives, creating a much deeper understanding in all content areas.  Values and morals, like math and English, are essential parts of our lives.  I believe all students are special and that teaching at All Saints Catholic School will provide me the opportunity to integrate the curriculum into the fabric of faith.  Students will be continually reminded of the greater power in which we as Catholics believe and the strength of God's grace that surround us.

Enjoying the annual jet boat trip into Hells Canyon on Thursday, May 21, 2015.  Thank you Eric and Jeff at Snake River Adventures for a fantastic day!

The water was a bit chilly! 

Technology in the classroom - Students working on Idaho History using Google Classroom. 


In the Grotto at Monastery of St. Gertrude

1/9/15:  Snowflakes
The students have been writing about what it would be like to be a snowflake.  I hope you enjoy reading their entertaining stories about life as a snowflake.  

12/15/14:  Winter Writing ~
The students have spent the last week interpreting a winter wonderland image and writing a story about their ideas of the picture.  Please enjoy reading  their stories by clicking on Winter Sleigh Ride.