Welcome to Pre-K 3-2!
                                  March Newsletter   
                                  Miss Amy and Miss Stefanie


        Greetings! The children made their Lenten promises last month and we have created our jar of kindness. Every time a child does a good deed for others, they get to put a fuzzy in the jar. We will talk about all the events leading up to Easter in the life of Jesus and how we can help people like Jesus did. 
          Last month, we compared different animal characteristics. We will be taking those animal characteristics we learned and talk about different habitats. We will identify things we see in our own habitat of New York City. 
          In math, we started "Silly Counting". Each child has to identify the next number with counting. The children love creating their own unique way of saying the number. We will continue to work on numeral recognition and math opposites.

A few reminders:
-Friday, March 6th-Noon Dismissal- after school in session
-Friday, March 20th- No School- Teachers Conference

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