American History:Reviewing the past to understand our present to build a better future! 

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The schedule for each class will be: to discuss the topic, group work, share learning, and homework assigned.  

 You will be graded on your participation in the class, your work ( in groups or independently), journal writing, note taking, and the organization of your notebook, projects, a research paper, quizzes, and majoring exams.

I have a low tolerance for not doing any of the assignments. Majors assignments(long-term) that are  late will lose 5 points daily. Daily assignments that are late, will be marked with a zero -- NO questions asked!  Just avoid those embarrassing conversations with your parents and do your homework.  

Summative assessment :October 26th at 3pm.

Please answer the question on google docs. Label it with your question. Make sure you share it with me with the ability to edit. Late essays will not be accepted
50pts each question. 
Please use 12pts, do not use color fonts. Text evidence is important. 

1.How the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments changed political and social aspects of life for blacks (both positive and negative)?

2. How the change from state's power to federal power affected society in the North and South?

 3.Were the Republicans' intentions behind passing the 15th amendment purely to promote black equality or to ensure their power/majority in the government?

4. What were the differences between Lincoln's, Johnson's, and the Congressional Reconstruction plan? How did each effect the North and South?

5.What was the goal of creating amendments 13, 14 and 15? Did they work? Why, why not? Give specific examples.

Good Luck!