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Ascension Academy’s Athletic Director Coach Bill Hamilton has been involved in sports most of his life. After graduating from Dumas High School, Coach Hamilton signed on with the Baltimore Orioles and played in their minor leagues. Following his baseball career, Coach Hamilton graduated from WTAMU with bachelor’s degrees in Science and Physical Education. He taught high school biology in Spearman, Texas for four years, in addition to coaching football, basketball, and golf. After that teaching job, Coach Hamilton worked as a crude oil products trader for Diamond Shamrock for 20 years, but he could not stay away from his love of teaching. In 2001 Coach Hamilton joined Ascension Academy where he continues to teach middle school science, and is the Athletic Director. In his free time Coach Hamilton enjoys outdoors activities such as hunting, fishing, and golf.

Each middle school science class is designed to challenge students and prepare them for the detailed and rigorous high school science classes they will be required to take at Ascension.  This year all 6th graders will be taking Earth Science, 7th graders will be taking Life Science and 8th graders will be in Physical Science.

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Class Schedule

1st Period     

2nd Period 

3rd Period -

4th Period -8th grade Physical Science

5th Period -8th Grad Physical Science

6th Period- Middle school Physical Education

7th Period - Middle school Physical Education

8th Period 

9th Period - Athletic Director


Grading Policies

Please bring all of your supplies to class each day and be in the classroom
ready to start when the tardy bell rings.  Have assignments completed and
ready to review.

Good attendance is necessary for each student to achieve his or her maximum potential.

All work done in this class will be graded.   Late work will be accepted, but with a
late penalty applied. Daily work will count 30% and tests 70% when calculating Six Weeks grades. 

 Each student will keep a notebook throughout each
semester to be turned in the day of the semester test.  This notebook will be
graded for content and neatness and will be treated as a test grade.  8th grade
students are required to have a current event turned in each Friday for a
grade, and should include the article used for the current event.  These cannot be turned in late for a grade and should be at least one full page.




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