Friday, April 10th - With the exception of two Headgates we are filling every order.

Wednesday, April 8th - We've reached the end of the Highline and Lowline canals and all laterals are filling.

Monday, April 6th - this morning the water made it to our Cedar ditch rider station on the Highline and to the Wilson spill on the Lowline.

Saturday, April 4th - At 2 PM the water on the Highline was just above Kendall Rd and on the Lowline just above Vambaur Rd.

Friday, April 3rd, the water is almost to D-lateral and moving fast. 

As of 3pm, Thursday, April 2nd, the water has passed the Watts area and is below Wada Farms...we anticipate it reaching the Hilton area around Midnight!

2015 WATER SEASON TURN-IN DATE - WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1ST - See Manager's Updates link on left side for more information

February 22, 2015 - We began diverting 170 cfs for the Idaho Water Resource Board recharge effort at 8 AM this morning.

February 11, 2015 WATER REPORT
SNOW PACK:  Henry's Fork, Teton Basin - 104% SWE; Snake above Palisades - 119% SWE; Willow, Portneuf, Blackfoot - 95% SWE.

RESERVOIR CONTENTS:  Jackson 77% and passing inflow of 541 cfs; Palisades 81 (the Bureau began increasing flows for flood control on February 7th and are currently at 2,100 cfs (1,200 cfs increase)); American Falls 74%, releasing 1,237 cfs and continuing to fill at a normal rate.