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February Focus Tool-Ning

Our Focus tool of the Month is Ning

Kevin Krembs has been building a Ning Community this year.  He'll be sharing out about how the Ning Community has impacted his classroom.  Here are a few screen shots of his Ning Community.

A few of Kevin’s thoughts on Ning:

  • Likes having a single location platform that lets him work with his class.
  • Favorite feature he’s developing is “Groups Feature” being able to make groups for things like goal setting or studying countries.
  • Likes ability to personalize student pages and ownership.
  • Able to organize content and functions like photographs, video, forums, blogs, writing.
  • Anticipates that it will be a good platform for student led conferences
  • Uploading media is easy. There’s a bulk uploader that makes uploading easier to use.
  • Uses discussion forums a lot. Is able to post comments and suggestions back to kids.

A few of Sol’s thoughts on Ning

·         Teacher can react on an immediate basis

o   Answer questions immediately and effectively

·         Students can post pictures and links

·         Discussions can be started easily

·         For things such as research, groups can be made

o   Kids can choose which group they want to be in

·         Kids who are quiet during class can be brought into the online discussions

·         Can include more than one class, a problem with finalsite at times

·         Bring in other faculty to discussions as well even other schools

·         Can post video questions

·         Quality of writing may be better since the audience for their writing is larger

·         Can be used as a good study tool. Students can go back to previous content before a quiz or test

·         Grading can be easy by looking at the student’s individual page

o   Includes numbers of how many discussions and posts they are part of

o   Links to their posts

o   Includes photos and other content

·         Something to be careful of: there can be misinformation from other kids at times

·         Audio can be uploaded and commented on easily

·         Sometimes uploading things can be slow

·         Management can be difficult for the teacher

·         If you’re taking a long time to make a post, you should probably type it in word and save it regularly before the final post.


TLT Discussion Thoughts

Comment: Discussion board is easier to use than final site forums.

Q: Can you upload documents?
A: You an upload a variety of documents and mediums.

Q: This offers a lot of things that portal doesn’t. I’m wondering what the portal has that this doesn’t?
A: File management might be better in Ning.

Comment: It can become visually dense, or too much to sift through at times

Q: What happens when a student is participating in 4 Nings?
A: I don’t see what’s bad about being part of several Nings as long as it’s linked to one ID?

Comment: A High School Project Ning. Is not popular with the students.
Students don’t see it as a source for needed interaction or content.

Q: How many of you are using Ning?
A: 6 people Using Ning at the Moment

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