ASB students and staff use Microsoft Outlook to communicate electronically. E-mail is essential in our day to day communications. It is important that everyone can send and receive e-mail messages. 

Below is a list of skills that you should know how to do with Outlook. If you need more step by step instruction, we have a YouTube Channel for Tutorials. You can click on the Outlook Tutorial button below to go directly to tutorials related to Outlook.

Click above to go to the YouTube Tech Skill Tutorial Channel

This will take you to a series of videos which support learning.

 Videos    Skills Covered
   Practice Exercise
(YouTube Playlist)
  • Ribbon
  • Tabs
  • Writing an e-mail
  • Signature
  • CC/BCC
  • Inserting a picture

Create a new email in Outlook. Include your picture in this email.

Send this email to your teacher and copy yourself on this email.
(YouTube Playlist)
   Organizing your Inbox
  • Creating Folders
  • Moving items into folders
  • Rules Wizard

Create a folder named ‘Class’ under the Inbox folder.

Create a rule in outlook to send all the emails from your teacher directly into the above folder.

Send a screenshot of this folder containing the emails to your teacher.
(YouTube Playlist)
  • How to Archive
  • Where to save the archive
  • Auto archive settings

Create an archive folder in outlook.

Backup all your required emails in this archive and send a snippet of this folder to your teacher.
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   Creating Rules in Outlook
  • Folders
  • Rules Wizard
  • Automaticly using folders