Google Docs

Google Docs is an online cloud based service which allows users to use various types of documents online. These can be edited collaboratively. The applications replace a  word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, or a form. 

To effectively use Google docs be sure that you understand how to do the following.
  • Be able to create a new file.
  • Upload/download a file.
  • Share a file
  • Able to edit various file types (docs, spreadsheets, presentations, forms)

If you are unable to do any of these, use the videos below to help you familiarize yourself with Google Docs.

Below is a list of skills that you should know how to do with Google Docs. If you need more step by step instruction, we have a YouTube Channel for Tutorials. You can click on the Google Docs Tutorial button below to go directly to tutorials related to Goocle Docs.

Click above to go to the YouTube Tech Skill Tutorial Channel.

This will take you to a series of videos which support learning.

 Videos    Skills Covered
   Practice Exercise
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   What is Google Docs
  • Collaborative
  • Online Documents
(YouTube Playlist)
   Getting Started
  • New document
  • Folders
  • Edit Toolbar
  • Font
  • Naming your documents
  Create a new google document. Save it and name it ‘Collaboration’.

Edit the name of the document to show the above.

Add a few pieces of information and save the file.
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   Sharing and Collaborating
  • Inviting others
  • Inserting comments
  • Moving docs into folders
  • inserting images
  Open the Google document once again. Invite peers and teacher to share information with you in the same document.

Insert an image that you like onto the document.
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   Docs - Overview
  • Online collaborating
  • Recovering revisions
  • Uploading Documents
  • Naming the file
  • Inviting collaborators
  • Online Presentations
  • Importing videos
  • Display Name
  Create a new document and share this with your peers and your teacher.

Import 2 online videos from YouTube and include/embed in your online document.
(YouTube Playlist)

   Spreadsheet Formuls
  • Sum
  • Count
  • Average
  • Max/Min
  • More
  Create a Google Spreadsheet and add your daily personal expenses to this document.

Add all the values for a particular day to get the total amount spent on one particular day.

Average the amounts spent for a particular item over a period of one week or month and find out your weekly or monthly average spend for that item.
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  • Design
  • Inserting slides
  • Inviting others
  Create a new Google Presentation.

Add multiple designs to the presentation and choose one that you like.

Invite all your peers and your teacher for further collaboration. 
(YouTube Playlist)

   Presentation - Revisions
  • Versions
  • Reverting

  Make a few changes to the above presentation and check the revision history.

Go back to a previous version to revert back to the original document.
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   Presentations - Formating
  • Text boxes
  • Font size
  • Bullet List
  • Alignment
  In the above document add a few websites like-


Align all the items in the slide to be centrally aligned.