Touching Moments

By Krishnankutty Vadakkepat
  1. We were holding the first meeting at Thiruvazhiyode school to enroll prospective members. We had done some house to house campaign prior to the meeting. When the meeting was about to start we received a phone call from a lady asking us to send a responsible person to the Thiruvazhiyode bus point. Myself and Balakrishnan CK rushed to the junction where the lady was waiting in a car. She handed over to us a cover containing the papers. She told us that she personally wanted to hand over the application and the cheque at the meeting but her daughter had labour pain in the morning hours and she was being taken to the hospital. She is the first lady  member of the trust.
  2. We were parking our vehicle roadside in Chethalloor to enquire about a house where we planned to visit. Suddenly an auto-rickshaw stopped behind us and the driver came to us asking whether we were the Engineering College people. We said yes. He asked about the details of the Engineering College. We were about to leave but he suddenly told us that he is interested to be a member and asked whether the payment could be in two installments.
  3. The scene is one of the houses in Moothanthara. The family consist of father, mother & three daughters. On hearing us the father readily agreed to take one unit each for him and his wife. By that time the elder daughters who are college students also requested their father to take membership for them as well. Though they were below 21 years we got them as members having their parents as guardians. We were about to leave the house with much joy on receiving 4 units. At that time the little third daughter who is around 12 was grumbling to her mother for sidelining her. The parents were seen very much moved. The result was that we received the fifth unit from that house.
  4. In one of the houses we were eloquently talking on the importance and need for our own Engineering College and were persuading the parents to take a unit. We even suggested that his son who is 14 years will be benefitted by getting admission easily in our own college. The boy who was all along hearing all these simply left the hall in a huff stating that his line was medicine and not engineering.
By Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat
  • I had one of the joyous moments in my life at the immigration counter in Cochin airport on Thursday 6 Jan 2011. I was standing in a queue for immigration clearance. When noticed less people in another queue I shifted over. When my passport was handed over, the duty officer looked at it and asked:
That was a moment that shook me. I was so happy and moved. The officer was Sri. Balakrishnan MU, SI of Police from Ethanoor, a potential ARYANET member.