Be part of the ARYANET movement to usher in
an era of closer community bonding and prosperity to everyone


REG. NO: 99 / 2010

  1. Providing or contributing to education and scientific research and development.
  2. To promote educational institutions for imparting education and research in various professional disciplines including various Technical and Engineering subjects, Medical and Para Medical Disciplines, Management studies, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Cultural studies and get them affiliated to recognized Universities and authorities concerned for award of degrees, diplomas and / or certificates.
  3. To establish and maintain heritage villas, apartments and rooms for needy elderly citizens and to provide all such possible facilities to promote their health, safety, security and well-being for active life and living.
  4. To sponsor charities such as to give educational scholarships to deserving students, to give financial or other assistance in kind to the poor and deserving patients by way of distribution of books, cloths, uniforms, meals or medicines and to the persons suffering due to natural calamities.
  5. To render help and assistance to women and children, and other institutions and associations of persons which are engaged in activities of similar nature, and which in the opinion of trustees deserve such help.
  6. Providing medical aid and relief to the poor, by establishments, maintenance and support of separate funds for medical support and relief.
  7. To undertake social welfare activities including social cultural endeavors, develop cultural and social harmony by celebrating cultural pogrammes: organize and facilitate study courses, debates, human resource development and extending honor to eminent personalities.
  8. To undertake all such other things and matters which are in conformity with the general objectives of the trust approved by the General Body.
ARYANET has the responsibility to help the needy in a timely fashion.

ARYANET Aims to:
  1. Network the community, tapping the talents and resource pools available within for the benefit and betterment of everyone.
  2. Extend educational, career and financial guidance to the needy.
  3. Prepare the community to live with the challenges associated with the ever changing complex living spaces around.
  4. Benefit from the growth and progress that India currently enjoys, and to form a fine group of individuals who can lead and excel.
  5. Take the community to such heights assisting it to evolve as a role model for others.