Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school - Einstein

AIT Palakkad, Kerala, India :: 27, 28, 29 July 2015 :: Festival of Learning

The symposium consists of workshops, interactive seminars and uses theatre as a communication tool. 
The aim of this symposium is to shift the focus from teaching to learning, paving the way for adopting student and learning centric methodologies in education. There are several methodologies – problem-based learning, design-centric approaches and experiential learning, which will be explored. It is imperative that the community (learners, educators, parents, managers and the society at large) be exposed to such approaches, so that they will act as a catalyst to evolve and transform the educational landscape for the good of humanity.

The symposium was inaugurated by Jayakumar A, Secretary, Vijyana Bharathi, New Delhi

  • Sabari Central School Cherpulassery 10 Educators from Sabari Central School Cherpulassery attended the Symposium.
    Posted Aug 14, 2015, 11:38 PM by Aryanet Academy
  • Jayakumar, Secretary Vijnana Bharathi & Dr Sachin (VNIT Nagpur) I hope that the seminar arrangements are going on well. Myself and Dr Sachin Mandavgane (Asso Prof, VNIT Nagpur) are attending this.Sri. Jayakumar, Secretary Vijyana Bharathi and Dr. Sachin ...
    Posted Jul 16, 2015, 12:04 AM by Aryanet Academy
  • Dr. Anantharaman MR, CUSAT It sounds interesting. Quite tempting to listen to the experts. Dr. Anantharaman MR, Professor, Dept Physics, and Honorary Director Inter University Centre for Nanomaterials and Devices (IUCND)CoChin University of ...
    Posted Jul 7, 2015, 7:24 AM by Aryanet Academy
  • Dr. V Kamaraj, SSN College of Engineering The contents of the symposium are very good. All the aspects of learning are covered with good number of eminent speakers from. As the topics are common and interesting, I ...
    Posted Jul 7, 2015, 5:11 AM by Aryanet Academy
  • Darsana S, CEC Each session seems to be exciting - especially lessons from nature and 'quiet,please'. I would love to hear.Wishing sincerely that this symposium will bring a good change.
    Posted Jul 5, 2015, 11:15 PM by Aryanet Academy
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Workshop on Education: Pedagogical Approaches to Learning
27 July 2015 : Monday
Dr. Suresh ValiyaveettilDept. Chemistry, National University of Singapore

Forenoon: A review of teaching and learning concepts
Pedagogical issues; Teaching and learning: (a) Teacher – Students – Tools – Curriculum, (b) Learning – Writing, Reading and Labs; Peer Learning – Class Room vs Self-learning; Instruction methodologies; and; Intellectual development – metacognition, Case studies, Assessment.
Afternoon: Discussion on merits of project based learning
Project based learning; Benefits of PBL; Role of educators; Learning targets; Engaging students: (a) Experience, (b) Scholarship, (c) Ethics; Linking research and teaching; Case studies; and; Assessment.

Short Plays - Theater as a Communication Tool
Artists: Manojkumar, Sudheesh Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Drishya, Sheeba, Vinitha and Jinesh. Direction: Nandajan KA
Short plays of 10 min each are interwoven with the seminars.
The Themes:
  1. If I cant learn the way you teach me CAN YOU TEACH ME THE WAY I CAN UNDERSTAND?
  2. Based on learning style: VISUAL, AUDITORY AND KINESTHETIC: This play depicts three couples. A husband presents a saree (VISUAL) to his wife for their wedding anniversary, but wife is an AUDITORY person who values good words rather than presents. Similarly, the two couples have different learning styles and issues. This play explores how to best cater to each learning style. 
  3. Children learn more from observing their parents’ behavior, rather than from what their parents preach.
All themes are relevant to educators. A debriefing session will follow immediately after the show.
The Art and Science of Learning
28 & 29 July 2015 : Tuesday & Wednesday

The prelude: 
  1. Human Evolution: Can the brain, 'the Masterpiece of Creations', Fail in Examinations? Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat, National University of Singapore
  2. Education and Human Ecology, Dr. Deepa Nair, Dept of History, Univ. of Central Florida, USA
  3. Observing and Learning from Nature, Dr. Francy Kakkassery, Dept of Zoology, St. Thomas College, Trissur, Kerala
  4. So Good They Can't Ignore You, Shraddha Patil, Avanade, Singapore
  5. Empowering Students As Learners - encouraging students to learn by teaching them how to learn, Arun Vasudev, Freelance software engineer, BEng & MEng from NUS, Singapore
  6. Education System - Mode of Education - Bridging the Last Mile, Dr. Poovathinthodiyil Raveendran, Department of Chemistry, University of Calicut, Kerala
  7. The Indian Education, Dr. Pugazhenthi S, Dean, SAASTRA Univ, Thanjavur
  8. The Education Landscape - A Dramatization of Students' Perspectives,  Short Plays for Symposium on the Art and Science of Learning. Artists: Nandajan, Manojkumar, Sudheesh, Vinod kumar and Tintu Mol

The postlude:
  1. The Basics of Learning through Programming Methodology, Dr. Vineeth Paleri, NIT Calicut, Kerala
  2. Lessons from Nature as Aids to Design of Engineering Systems, Dr. C. Subramanian, Director, AIT Palakkad, Kerala
  3. Learning from Nature and Prostetics, Shaju V Cherian, Prosthetic Orthotic Practitioner, Trivandrum Medical College
  4. Development of a frugal lab: the case study of fluid mechanics, Dr. Sachin Mandavgane, VNIT, Nagpur
  5. Project Based Learning, Dr. Rajesh Panicker, National University of Singapore
  6. Experiential Learning, P Prabakaran, Country Head – Academy & Life Care, TUV Rheinland India Pvt. Ltd., 100% subsidiary of TUV Rheinland Group, Germany
  7. Engaging Research: Bringing Energy and Excitement in Indian Engineering Education, Dr. B Vinod, Head, Robotics and Automation Engg., PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, TN
  8. Transition from Campus to Corporate, Santhosh C Kurup, CEO - ICT Kerala [The nuances of ones journey from a campus life to corporate life - both professionally and personally]
  9. A Holistic Approach to Learning – Corporate Approach, Anil Palathattil Bhaskaran, Enterprise Architect Program Lead - APJ at SAP, Singapore
  10. Carpe diem”-Knowing yourself to seize the opportunityPradeep Sreedharan, Group  Director-Acquisitions and Partnerships, Ooredoo, Qatar
  11. The 'Social of' Technology in System Design, Jayachandran Maniyeri, Senior Research Engineer, Institute of Inforcom Research (I2R), Singapore
  12. Emergent Learning : Creation of learning spaces, Dr. Sunil Sivadas, Scientist, Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Singapore
  13. Quiet, Please: Unleashing 'The Power Of Introverts', Supriti Gupta, National University of Singapore