Penance, Mixed media collage by Jo Murray - Australia - Jo Murray's Blog
My favourite artistic medium is collage and the four pieces I'm submitting are as follows:
1. A PENANCE, 5" x 7" collage on watercolour paper
Using painted paper, rust-dyed vintage fabric, burnt book page, and metal I have tried to evoke the struggle that many face through life. The metal symbolises the shackles that we imagine restrain us from moving forward.

2. PRIVATE, 5" x 7" collage on watercolour paper
This collage is made with pieces of private correspondence and aggressive acrylic brush strokes. It is an angry reaction to someone prying into your personal life.

3. A 2 Z, 18" x 18" collage on stretched canvas
Each 4 x 4 piece is a separate letter of the alphabet collaged and painted on canvas board, then assembled randomly on the larger striped canvas.

4. ILLUMINATED 5" x 7" collage on watercolour paper
Burnt book page, gold paint, metal embellishment all reference the historical art of illuminated books.