Route 66, Oil on canvas by Jerry King - USA
Normally I paint mainly realistic wildlife and they are very different from this submission. The painting I am submitting may not seem to some as a work of art but If one lived the 60's, Route 66 was very important in that time.

The painting is about a young lady who decided to hitch-hike her way from Chicago to Santa Monica on "Route 66." At this moment in time she has been "hitching rides" for "six days" and still has "500 miles" to go on her journey. One can only imagine the events of the last 6 days.

At the core of this painting are six song titles; 1: Route 66, 2: Hotel California, 3: 6 Days on the Road, 4: Hitchin-A-Ride, 5: All I Want to do is have some fun "Till the Sun Come Up Over Santa Monica Boulevard", and 6: 500 Miles Away From Home.

Many of the cities mentioned in the song Route 66 are depicted around the hitch-hiking hand.

As I mentioned above this piece is vastly different than my normal work. I hope that you enjoy.