On the Shoulders of Giants, Oil by Rose Datoc Dall - USA - rosedatocdall.com
This piece, “Upon the Shoulders of Giants” was a commissioned piece for Mosaic ATM, an aviation engineering company. This piece celebrates innovation and the idea of flight and invention. The red zephyr symbolizes that idea of change and standing on the cusp of cutting edge technology. The Zephyr derives from Greek mythology: the god of the wind and represents the spirit of change. It is a 5’ x 9’ triptych mural with 3-D text in oil impasto medium includes over 300 names from the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

I felt it was important to keep the integrity of this being an oil painting through and through. I did not want to cheat or make short-cuts into creating 3-D text because I love the properties of paint and I wanted to push those properties to their limit and perhaps use them in a way that is not typically done. Thus the act of creating this mural was a bit of innovation on my part, as I had to completely invent a process of making a mural creating 3-D text purely from paint. While creating these new techniques I connected with the spirit of the piece, which is innovation. I felt like Thomas Edison with his incessant testing of a myriad of methods to his approach. To create text in oil impasto medium is not a typical use of oil paint and is technically difficult to achieve. Therefore I had to engineer a way to create crisp edges, something not inherent in the qualities of oil paint. I took on the challenge to attempt something that is seemingly impossible. Oil is difficult to control in that way. While essentially creating relief sculpture, the paint still managed to keep its properties of paint and I was quite pleased with the result.