Sreelatha Varma - Artist Statement

1. lost in a dream- A lady sitting in the midst of a rough sea but she is not afraid because she was dreaming into a beautiful future which is represented by the bright colors of Peacock feathers. The rough sea ark background suggest the troubled life, which is eager to engulf her but hopes and dreams are saving her from the reality. Of course life goes on only because of Hope and Dreams.

2.The Preparation- Maids are preparing the Princess for the Future , may be for a wedding or a coronation. The beauty of her body is depicted in her fine lines and silhouette. She was looking through the window and the beautiful nature and waterfalls are indicating that she is destined to have a brilliant future filled with joy and Wonder. The expressions and mannerisms of the Maids suggest that they will be happy to be always loyal to her because she will bring them Joy.

3. The Palace of Illusion- Mind is capable of creating beautiful illusion of a Golden Palace whose beauty is subtly reflected in the water. The waterfall and the Angels in front of the Palace represent the spiritual pathway to the illusionary mind.

4. Radiant Splendor- The Splendor of the Universe is shown as the beautiful Gardens and Courtyard and the orange glow of the Sun . Beautiful Lady sitting and facing the Splendor and her Radiance is shown in the form of Orange glow emanating form her towards the Sun. The entire Universe stood still at this particular moment when the Glow filled the Space.

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