Penny Tristram - Artist Statement

My paintings are about identity in our digital age. I work in acrylics to produce bright, unusual pieces that play with the mechanics and politics of representing the human figure.

My influences vary from the strong portraiture of Sargent and Hockney to the zany universe of online fan art. I am interested in the way that people use clothing, accessories and styling to create a vocabulary or language that expresses their identity. I particularly notice societal expectations to portray a gendered appearance, and I admire people who highlight or subvert this by taking it to a quasi-kitsch extreme, or reversing expectations.

I’m not just concerned with human portraiture. My Little Pony figures have found their way onto canvasses through my brush. Bright images of these cult plastic toys will spark the imagination of the viewer by playing with scale and perspective. I paint my own My Little Ponies, kept from childhood. I find that these figurines are designed to display personality, allure, and big-eyed cute factor.

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